Controversial Donald Trump

Controversial Donald Trump

Samuel Gerstein and Ranulfo Martinez

From the set of reality TV to the White House? This upcoming Presidential election will  go down as one of the most exciting elections in American history, with the explosive Republican candidate Donald Trump in the running. In his campaign, Trump has managed to stir up a ton of controversy, as was expected, which has been very entertaining to Americans across the country. On the other hand, some of his comments were not taken lightly, managing to offend a large portion of Americans and this school in particular. So we took it upon ourselves to seek out the opinions of actual students here at Birmingham. Which has resulted in some mixed views.

First off, we asked the students if in fact they knew who Donald Trump even was, and the response was a resounding “yes!” No surprise there, considering he was the host and executive producer for one of the country’s hit TV shows, The Apprentice. Next up we asked if they could sum up Donald Trump in three words, and this came with some interesting answers. One student, Jake Schwimmer (11th), said “Amazing, Presidential, material,” on the contrary, Daniel Resendez 11th , responded with ” big, fat, and lazy.”

Then we dug a little deeper by asking what they saw America turning into with Trump as president. Scwhimmer told us, “Best country ever,” and Resendez stated it would be ” white supremacy.” A third student, Edgar Rebollo, (11th), thought it would be “more of a dictatorship.” We also asked if they knew the other candidates, and Rebollo and Resendez both mentioned “Hillary Clinton.”

Lastly, we asked them if they had any faith in his slogan, “Make America Great Again,” which he ripped off from Ronald Reagan. Rebello would prefer ” a catchier slogan,” and Schwimmer replied, “Heck yeah!”

Overall, Birmimgham’s opinions are very negative of Donald Trump, with a few lone supporters. Yet he continues to “trump” the other republican candidates in the polls. The fate of America depends on the outcome of the upcoming election. For now, we will wait for Trump’s next outrageous stunt or comment.