McDonald’s 24 hour breakfast

McDonalds 24 hour breakfast

Kristine Medina, Student Life Editor

McDonald’s lovers are raging with excitement as they have been informed that they no longer have to rush to make the breakfast deadline at 10:30 a.m.! McDonald’s has announced what all of us breakfast fans have been waiting for… 24 hour breakfast! This new all-day breakfast menu will be nationwide starting October 6, 2015. While many are excited about this, the action has many people worried.

Because of the amount of eggs McDonald’s uses in their breakfast menu, grocery stores are left scrambling for eggs. Along with the shortage of eggs comes with an even bigger price increase in grocery stores. Already this summer egg prices have spiked to a record $2.57 a dozen. Many people have complained that McDonald’s couldn’t have chosen a worse time to make this announcement and start this new offering. This fast-food restaurant is one the country’s largest commercial egg purchasers and they’ve left analysts coming to the conclusion that it could be months before there is an easing in the price of fresh eggs.

McDonald’s 24 hour breakfast has also brought up conflicts between IHOP and Jack in the Box, which also offers 24 hour breakfast. On October 6, 2015, IHOP’s official twitter account tweeted, “but why is everyone jockin us? breakfast all day since the day we were born #flex” and  “Shouts to everyone tryna offer breakfast all day…Shoot your shot.” This tweet had a huge reaction among people on social media. Replies to this tweet included things such as, “shots fired,” “but why is IHOP mad?” and more. McDonald’s breakfast has also caused Jack in the Box breakfast sales to decrease.

Of course with any change there are expected pros and cons. McDonald’s has been known for their breakfast, and with an all day breakfast menu, there is an expected increase in sales by 2.5% a year. McDonald’s prices are also convenient, and 73% of Americans prefer a savory breakfast over sweet one. McDonald’s lovers could easily argue that the breakfast menu is exactly that, savory! However, some of the cons include: slower service at a “fast-food” restaurant, a limited breakfast menu, and skepticism of the release lasting. It’s been said that this change will be beneficial only in the short term, but will end up dying down in the long run and McDonald’s will have caused controversy for no reason.

I myself, as a huge McDonald’s breakfast fan, have seen nothing but pros. It is so easy to divert your attention away from any cons when eating those delicious hot cakes at any time of the day.