Cross Country


Birmingham’s Cross Country Team Practicing

Kat Oyebobola, Managing Editor

Last year’s cross country team made a very good start and a hard ending, but this year’s team has many new additions and tweaks compared to last year’s team. As a result of the new changes and coaches they have, BCCHS has some fresh runners that are excited to show new potential. The returners on this year’s team each had their own ideas about different ways to improve themselves as role models for the team.

“I’ve been in cross country for the past three years going on four, and I joined because I found it a good way to bond with my dad. Something I plan to do differently this year is push myself in the most efficient way possible, and help the fresh faces on the team build new relations as friends and supportive teammates,” said Christopher Melendez, a varsity senior. He said this with radiating positivity showing exactly how genuinely ready he is as a returning runner to demonstrate improvement. Many freshmen joined the sport because they found they either liked to run or they didn’t want to do P.E. In addition to new runners, the team has a new head coach, Coach Del Torro. The just recently graduated Cal State Long Beach track runner started last year as a distance runner coach, and is this year’s new head cross country coach. “When I came back this year, I came with a new goal, and that was to build  more self-motivated runners on the team. Also, I wanted all of my returning runners to go pass their PRs (personal records). This year as head coach, I’d really like to push my runners off right so that they build a desire to get better times each meet with progress as they P.R.” 

“Running is the greatest motivator for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” says new assistant coach Rico Gutierrez. It is agreed, just like work, running takes a physical effect on your body. This not only helps these athletes learn how to condition properly, but it also puts them into a routine of exercising.