AMC’s Newest Addiction: Fear The Walking Dead

AMCs Newest Addiction: Fear The Walking Dead

Brayan Tenas, Staff Reporter

Set in the same universe as The Walking Dead, we see the struggle for survival for a brand new set of faces. We are shown how it all began from the start of the outbreak as we are introduced to Travis Manawa and Madison Clark and their already torn-apart family.

Throughout this brand new series, we get a completely different story and an all-new setting. As we see Rick make his way around Georgia in this series, Travis and his dysfunctional family are battling for survival in Los Angeles. The major difference between Fear The Walking Dead and  The Walking Dead is in Fear The Walking Dead we see how the pandemic or the outbreak began and slowly began to take over society and destroy the world.  In The Walking Dead, Rick wakes up from a coma months after the outbreak so we don’t see how the outbreak began. In Fear the Walking Dead, we are also introduced to many other characters with interesting pasts and stories.  Currently, all of season 1 is on AMC’s website and Season 2 is already confirmed for next season.

There is also an online web series called Flight 462. This web series touches upon how the outbreak even affected an entire airplane thousands of feet off the ground when the pandemic hit. It has also been confirmed that one of the characters from Flight 462 will join the cast on Fear the Walking Dead  in season 2. Overall, Fear The Walking Dead is a great installment to the already amazing and wildly successful franchise.