Patriots defeat Chatsworth on Homecoming Night


The Patriots show their strength in a play.

Brayan Tenas, Staff Reporter

It’s that time of the year again, it’s when BCCHS see our Blue and Gold Patriots crush any team that opposes us at the homecoming game! As everyone knows, the homecoming game is one of the most if not the most anticipated and exciting game of the season. The students of Birmingham all knew it was going to be an awesome and exciting game before it even began. The week before, the Patriots had a strong win over Cleveland with an astonishing score of 50-0 so going into this upcoming homecoming game, we all knew that our Blue and Gold were going to come out on top.

As soon as someone walked into the stadium, they would feel an amazing and energizing environment. Before the game began, there was a parade which included floats. The parade put everyone in the mood to watch Chatsworth get defeated. The environment was electrifying as the crowd was able to feel the school spirit and pride of many students that were hyped up to watch the Patriots take the win. At first BCCHS was losing by 9 points due to Chatsworth getting the first touchdown and a safety, but soon after, they made a comeback and took the lead. Students were screaming “Whose House? B’s House!!!” and other students were singing and dancing along to the music that was playing. The game started and the crowd was ready to cheer the Patriots on to victory.

Throughout the night, students were dancing and chanting while others were talking with friends and enjoying the game. Later on in the night, a police helicopter flew around the school flashing its spotlight towards the chanting crowd, students waved and even started to scream ‘B’s house” at the helicopter. It was evident that even the LAPD knew that Blue and Gold were about to take over the night. After the first half, it was time for the halftime show. The halftime show was very entertaining as the cheerleaders showed off amazing moves, the drum line put every one in an upbeat mood, color guard even displayed their skill, and they also announced the Homecoming Court. After the amazing halftime show, the school set off fireworks and when they went off so did all the students as they began screaming “B’s House” over and over again.

At the end of this amazing, action-packed game, filled with touchdowns and tackles, the Patriots dominated throughout the night as they ran over the Chatsworth defense. The Patriots came out on top with an amazing score of 49-23. Students chanted all the way to the exits and some even onto the streets. This Homecoming Game was definitely a night to remember.