Teacher Feature: Mrs. Adams & Ceramics


Alyssa Macias, Website Editor

This school year has brought an influx of new teachers, and with new teachers come new classes. A focus has been put on career and art based curriculum. One of the new classes that has started at Birmingham is ceramics, which is not widely available throughout schools anymore. Mrs. Janeen Adams just got married this summer and is very excited to get back to teaching. It was through old coworkers that she used to teach with that she learned that BCCHS was hiring.

“Ceramics is my preferred subject,“ states Adams. The first time she got into art was at CSUN, where she attended. “I’m really into 3D art so the class really stuck with me. I like doing things with my hands and being creative, and my major was art so I had a lot of different classes available,“ Adams elaborated.

Although she was introduced to ceramics in college, a dedicated teacher in high school is the reason why she is at Birmingham.” I had a really good art teacher that really pushed me to be a better artist. She put me into completions and taught me extra things that we weren’t going over in class. She really put in the extra time with me, and my parents were always working so that meant a lot to me,” she reminisces.

Continuing with her passion for ceramics, she has big plans for the class. Adams fit into the faculty flawlessly, speaking about the upcoming pot styles that her classes will use, and the history behind them. As she spoke, her excitement for the subject and school was noticeable. “All of the teachers and students are super nice and friendly,“ she gushed about her first impression of Birmingham.

After she retires from teaching, Adams sees herself on a farm. “ I would love to grow vegetables and maybe raise animals,” she said. She continued that after growing up and living in the city, the slow and quiet life of a rural area appeals to her.