Pan: Entertaining & Playful but Slow at the Box Office


Trinity Cummings and Yara Saldana

The movie Pan is a new exciting adventure starring Levi Miller as Peter Pan and Garrett Hedlund as Captain Hook along with Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard. This movie has both its highlights and downfalls. Most people liked it for its childish and playful moments, while others thought of it as boring and rushed though. The movie has not been doing so well in theaters only $15.5 million from 3,515 theaters in North America, a disastrous start for a film that cost $150 million to make.

Everyone remembers their favorite animated version of Peter Pan with Wendy and the lost boys. The original Peter Pan came out in 1953 was something you could never forget, its what most of us grew up on. Pan opened up a new light on the friendship between Peter Pan and Hook showing how he wasn’t always an evil captain. The fact that Hook was a normal guy with both his hands in addition to falling in love with a woman, shows a different side of his personality.

In our opinion, it would be fun and exciting for kids; however, for teenagers the movie was nice, but not the movie you would see on date. It’s more of a movie you would see with your siblings or your whole family, maybe even a group of friends if you guys are into it. It’s a little rushed although its manageable and still entertaining.