Las Fuentes Restaurant: Fresh and Authentic Flavors


Clarissa Guardado, Staff Reporter

Looking for a place to eat nowadays can be a bit difficult because some people just want to go out and spend time with their families and friends, they don’t necessarily just want to go out for special occasions. If you like Mexican food, then the perfect place to go would be the best Mexican restaurant in the valley, Las Fuentes. It’s a place where people don’t really have to dress too fancy to go. It’s very unique, authentic, and their food doesn’t taste like every other Mexican restaurant. It’s the perfect place to go to any time of the day and fine for any occasion.

Las Fuentes was established in 1982 and started off small. Their website states that they have gone through three expansions since they have opened.  This restaurant is located on the corner of Vanowen and Reseda.  The owners also own Melody’s Restaurant on Reseda and a traditional Mexican folk art and pottery shop next to Las Fuentes on Vanowen.  Look for the distinctive blue awnings outside.

Walking into Las Fuentes, one of the first things that caught my eye were the vibrant colors that filled the room as well as the unique and colorful sculptures, decorations, pottery, and the Mexican folk art that was displayed throughout the restaurant. There were also many talkative tables, which made it feel like a nice, friendly, family environment.

To order food at Las Fuentes you have to order at the cash register, and then you get your order when it is ready. If you’re not planning to eat inside, no worries because you can take your food to go.

My favorite dish at Las Fuentes was the burrito de asada, a beef burrito covered in a very delectable sauce. It was filled with beef, avocado, beans, onions and tomatoes, it was served hot and was big enough to share. The salsas here, such as the pico de gallo and the avocado salsas, tasted homemade, fresh, and traditional.

The only issue that Las Fuentes has would be the parking. It can be a hassle trying to get parking or get seats when the restaurant is full, especially on the weekends.

Overall, I’d say that Las Fuentes is now one of my favorite restaurants and it’s definitely one of a kind.