Boys Varsity Basketball Preview

Kristine Medina, Student Life Editor

Last year’s Boys’ BCCHS Varsity Basketball Team can easily be summed up in one word, rough. It was a long roller coaster ride with several bumps that seemed to be never ending. Pre-season started out well for the boys, but quickly took a turn for the worse when many of last year’s seniors suffered injuries forcing them to sit the games out. Many of the players were young, undersized, and inexperienced; however, the season turned out to be a great learning experience.

With a new school year came almost an entirely new team, not only physically, but mentally. Returning players, Rafael Garcia (12), Kobe Johnson (12), and Adi Berneman (12), were moved up from JV to play on varsity. Returning varsity members included Kevin Harvey (11), Josh Abrams (11), Mark Bowlin (11),  Kobe Cortez (10), Adrian Byrd-Jelinek (12), and Dallas Johnson (12). A great addition to this year’s team has been the transfer students from various schools. Those team members include, Seth Texeria (11), Devante Doutrive (11), Deschon Winston (11), and Michael Garner (12).

Head coach, Nick Halic, says the boys are “unselfish” and they “play well as a whole”. Anyone that saw Friday’s game against Kennedy would completely agree. The boys have grown immensely and their team work will benefit them in order to execute their plays and continue winning their games. The team is currently 4-1 and placed 3rd at the Saint Monica Tournament.  A big difference in this season’s team is that the boys are highly competitive and they are continuing to push past their limits in order to earn the title of West Valley League Champs. Along with the team’s hard work, Birmingham’s student body has been a great contribution to the games. A game so early in the season has never been as packed and spirited as Friday’s game was. The team is hungry for wins and at this rate, it’s safe to say everyone can see that happening as well.