Girls’ Basketball Season Preview


(Starting front right counterclockwise) Maggie Garcia (10), Janeth Cruz ( 11), Adriana Penate (12), Joyceline Jose (10)

Alyssa Macias, Website Editor

With the Girls’ Basketball season just around the corner, tensions are rising. The preseason games started off badly, with on court communication at an all-time low.

Tiphani Clark (9) talked about the entire team having issues with lay ups (one handed shots made close to the basket) and free throws (attempting to make baskets when fouled). “We had a game against Chaminade last week, and we could have won the game if we had made them (freethrows),” she said. Dena Yoba (9) also spoke about the lack of aggression the team has and how it would benefit them if they could be slightly more intense. The team’s strongest attribute is their encouragement to each other. Yoba said, “We are like family,” and Geyeli Beristain (12) said, “We are all friendly off the court, but that communication doesn’t translate on the court.”

Despite the issues that arise during the games, the team truly is close. They have gotten together during the weekends, and always have sleepovers. The team also has a healthy respect for their coach. Beristain saying, “He really does push us to do our best and makes us reflect on what we did wrong.” Deja Marsh (11) explained, “He always keeps a straight face because he wants us to focus, but when we do something good, he smiles.”

It takes sacrifice to succeed in basketball. March has had to deal with multiple leg injuries and has had to wear an ankle brace. A finger has even gone into her eye and she couldn’t see from it for the remaining of the game. She’s not the only one, as Kaden Edwards had a sprained ankle last season. There are strong familiar bonds that are connected with the sport. A number of Yoba’s siblings have played, and Edwards’ entire family has had a strong impact in it. Her brother is even a college basketball player. Many of the girls are trying to continue playing basketball as a career for the future. They have their eyes on specific schools that they want to be a part of, and are determined to succeed in playing for the college of their dreams.

The team is planning on improving all the issues that have arisen during the preseason scrimmages. Beristain said, “It is hard work putting yourself out there, and you always ask yourself what you could have done, but at the end of the day you know that you put in your blood, sweat, heart, and work onto that court.” The team is disciplined and determined  to get even farther into the championships this year.