Cat or Dog? The Battle to be the Best

Cat or Dog? The Battle to be the Best

Jack Freeman, Sports Editor

Many people have been debating about whether cats or dogs are better. There are many different reasons for someone to like a cat better than a dog or to like a dog better than a cat. As a cat owner, I personally like cats better than dogs. There are certain character traits that someone can have that would match them up better with a dog than with a cat.

Dog lovers tend to be people that are self-disciplined and outgoing. This idea makes sense because dogs are very loyal and loving animals that let their owner know that they are loved.  Some more character traits that dog lovers tend to have are that they are affectionate and sociable. These traits are very similar to what dogs possess because dogs are usually both very friendly and very kind to new people they meet.

Cat lovers tend to have different character traits than dog lovers. Cat lovers are likely to be curious and creative. This is similar to how cats behave because they are always looking into something or walking around and exploring new places. Cat owners are more likely to be stressed out or worriers. I personally disagree with that because I’ve never seen my cat be stressed out and I hardly ever get stressed out or worried myself.

So the big question is which one is better? I don’t think that one animal is necessarily better than the other, because I think it depends more on what type of person the owner is. Some people like all the affection that dogs give them and some people like the affection that they have to earn to get from a cat. Whichever animal a person chooses doesn’t matter as long as they are happy with the animal, love the animal, and take proper care of it.