Less Tricks for Killer Whales at Sea World


Emely Vasquez, Staff Reporter

Sea World is an animal theme park that has been open since March 21, 1964. People all around the world go there to see the amazing animals and all their talents. It offers a variety of distinctive experiences like shows and rollercoasters. Sea World is best known for its unique orca show and its famous killer whale Shamu. The Shamu Stadium that hosted its killer whale shows were the park’s main draw and helped build SeaWorld as a top attraction. Trainers would ride the whales in the giant pool before getting out and signaling for the orca to slap its tail in the water to splash audience in a splash zone.

Even though Sea World has faced much backlash over their orca shows like the documentary “Black Fish,” Sea World has continued to do these shows up until now. In an attempt to rebuild its brand, Sea World has announced it will offer a different kind of orca experience focusing on the animal’s natural setting and its behaviors starting in 2017. Their signature killer whale shows, which historically have featured theatrical and acrobatic performances will now be more of a nature show. “It’s going to be focused more on the natural setting, natural environment and also the natural behaviors of the whales,” said SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby.

Sea World is looking for a change in hopes to boost theme park attendance. After fighting against activists and lawsuits, Sea World finally decided to end its very dangerous orca shows and focus more on the well being of all the animals. Trainers will no longer risk their lives on a daily basis to get in the water with killer whales. The performances will now be completely safe and focus on the animals’ natural beauty.