Love at First Sight Doesn’t Exist!

Love at First Sight Doesnt Exist!

Joselyn Argueta, Creative arts Editor

We all read books and see the young prince fall in love with a beautiful girl at first sight. But have you asked yourself, does love at first sight really exist? You see movies telling the same story were boy meets  girl and they fall in love. But do you really believe what’s on television? It is everyone’s dream to fall in love and have a happily ever after. But in real life do you see that actually happening? Put yourself in this  situation: you see a boy or a girl, and yes, he/she is attractive, but do you love them? Do you really? Do you even know them? Ask yourself this question: yes , they’re attractive but are you just interested in them in them for their looks?! You see their face but do you know their heart? You know their name but do you know their brain. Everyone is different they have their own little worlds . I don’t believe in love at first sight because I would like to get to know them first.

Your best friend, for example, you love them don’t you? Do you know why? It’s because you guys got to know each other from the start, asked questions, and spent quality time together. You didn’t love that stranger at first did you? No, you didn’t, because you didn’t know the real them. Would you believe it if your parents told you to fall in love with your best friend the very first moment you laid your eyes on him/her? I choose not to believe in love at first sight because in reality, some people love with their eyes and not with their heart.

I think love takes time to make an impact on your heart because not everyone has the same interest as you. People tend to have a stronger bond with people who have the same interests as you. Why’s that? What if that girl/boy hates what you like? This is another reason why I don’t believe in love at first sight because you might get hurt to find out what person they truly are. Get to know the person first and then ask do you really love them? Do they make you forget about the world and make you feel joy? When you’re with that person, do you feel alive?