Get Hooked On New Blood: A Shade of Vampire

Get Hooked On New Blood: A Shade of Vampire

Trinity Cummings , Staff Reporter

Every teen and young adult has been going crazy over the new book, A Shade of Vampire, and of course they have every right to be. When I first started reading this book, I had my doubts because it sounded stupid.  The only thing I’d  heard about this book was that this was the new Twilight and I disagree with the choices Twilight had made (book-wise, of course). I’ve never heard of vampires sparkling in the day light but that’s not the point. At first this book started off rocky because it had a few grammatical mistakes and it was a bit confusing. It ended up picking itself up and becoming a good book as you really got to know the characters on a different level.

Author Bella Forrest has created a new sensation of 23 books and she continues to write more. Most us are wondering where do all these details come from? Does she listen to music while writing the book or is she walking down the street getting Starbucks? It’s interesting reading and falling in love with someone’s work, because you’re not just looking at their work, you’re looking at them as a person. I went ahead and interviewed Bella Forrest to see where this all comes from.

[patriot post]: What inspired you to write these stories?
Forrest: I’ve loved to write since I was a kid; it developed into a habit so it’s just something I’ve always done. I’m not sure of the original inspiration for A Shade of Vampire, to be honest. But I’ve always loved vampires and it was an idea that was brewing in the back of my head for a while.

[patriot post]: Where are you when you’re most inspired?
Forrest: I love being by the ocean.

[patriot post]: What do you do in your spare time?
Forrest: Read as much as I can!

[patriot post]: Do you draw ideas from other authors, if so which ones?
Forrest: I actively try not to do this; I don’t read other books in my genre for this reason.

[patriot post]: How many hours to you spend on each book?
Forrest: This varies hugely. It all depends on the story.

As you can read, this author has a lot to offer and I recommend you definitely read this series. She recently just came out with her latest book called A Flight of Souls.  The second book in the series is titled, A Shade of Blood.