Why the Panthers Will Win the Super Bowl

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Super Bowl 50 Logo

Jack Freeman, Sports Editor

There is a lot of debate over which team is going to win the Super Bowl, the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos. The debates can end because the Panthers are going to win the Super Bowl and I will tell you why.

The Panthers have had a very strong season this year with a record of 15-1 which was the best in the league. They remained undefeated at home all season and took their only loss at an away game against the Atlanta Falcons in a close 20-13 loss. Their offense and defense have also continuously dominated team after team as the weeks went by in the NFL season. As anyone can tell, the Panthers are on a mission this year to win the Super Bowl and it is very unlikely that the Broncos will be able to end their mission.

The Panthers have a very strong offense led by star quarterback, Cam Newton (1). The team is number one in the NFL in points per game averaging 31.2 points each game which is exceptional. While Denver’s defense is number one in the league (only allowing an average of 18.5 points per game), Carolina averages almost double what their defense allows so the Panthers should have no trouble with their defense. Cam Newton has had an outstanding season throwing for 25 touchdowns and rushing for 10 touch downs throughout the regular season. Carolina’s two star receivers, Greg Olsen (88) and Ted Ginn (19) have helped Newton lead the offense with the duo having a total of 17 touchdowns together.

Carolina’s defense had a great season and was able to shut down many offenses over the course of the season. The team’s defense only allows 19.3 points per game in the regular season and Denver’s offense only averages 22.2 points per game. The Bronco’s quarterback, Peyton Manning (18), had a tough season with only nine touchdowns and a staggering 17 interceptions. Manning should have a lot of trouble throwing into Carolina’s secondary, who have a total of two interceptions run back for touchdowns in the postseason due to cornerback Luke Kuechly (59). The team’s cornerback, Josh Norman (24) has had a fantastic season with four interceptions and is also considered to be the best if not one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL.

I would like to say that this year’s Super Bowl is going to be a good one, but I personally think that it is going to be a total blow out and the Panthers are going to win by a land slide. The Panther’s offense and defense have been unbelievable this season and Denver’s offense is nowhere near an equal match to Carolina’s defense. Also with Peyton Manning’s history of choking in the big games of the season (especially the Super Bowl), I would not be surprised if he choked again.