BCCHS Girls’ Wrestling Team Wins City Championship Title


Ranulfo Martinez, Staff Reporter

The BCCHS Girls’ Wrestling Team was determined to have another successful season after coming off of a year where they won the city title. Also their star wrestler, Lakiyah Wagoner, won the national championship last year giving them even more momentum entering the season this year.

The girls left great impressions at schools like Chatsworth by coming out victorious in the match. They also won matches at Granada, Cleveland, and Selma.  The only losses the team suffered were against Hillcrest in Riverside and Pioneer Valley in Whittier, both schools known for their wrestling teams. Throughout the season, many of the girls improved tremendously through the training of coach Ignacio.

The girls won a total of ten matches this season taking wins at West Covina, Baldwin Park, and La Sierra. Their hard work and training also allowed them to win their matches at El Monte, Nipoma, and Ventura. The team also had an increase in members mostly due to two time national champion, Lakiyah Wagoner, bringing more attention to girls’ wrestling.

The BCCHS Girls’ Wrestling Team had a season full of achievement and improvement. The girls went above and beyond in terms of accomplishments and overall performance. One of the many great achievements the girls achieved was winning the 2016 City Championship Team Title on February 21st–hopefully paving the way to a state title.  Standouts on the team include the following girls who won their weight class at the city championships and traveled to the state championships:  Marilyn Garcia, Elicia Orellana, Diane Cuadras, Alexandra Castillo, Kimberly De La Cruz, and Lakiyah Wagoner.