BCCHS Boys’ Soccer Outlook


Maariyah Ford, Opinion Editor

The boys had worked hard this mid-semester. As usual, they are always improving with their skills becoming better and better. Both of the soccer coaches are doing a great job training the soccer boys by disciplining them.  They’re all like one big family.

All of the team practice in the soccer field next to the baseball fields. They always have practice at the end of the school day everyday. One of the essential skills taught is that players always kick the ball with the side of their foot because they’ll have a little bit more control of the ball. Hector Andrade (11) is the top scorer which means he has contributed goals in a total of 14 games.

“We’re really good at knocking the ball, but we need to work more on finishing our chances,” explained Andrade. He continued to state that they needed to work more on their chances by not waiting too long to take the ball and make it in the goal. Another leader on the pitch is Nico Cuebes, who is a sophomore and has been playing on the Patriot soccer team for two years. He explained how there isn’t too much tension on the field, except every once in a while when their playing against El Camino Real High School.

” It’s a really fun sport to play and just make new friends,” said junior Gabriel Rodriguez.

He also say that the sport is good for exercise and just keeps a person busy. They always make sure to warm up an hour before they start practicing. He also explains that even though the sport is fun, it’s still a lot of work and that a person has to  be mentally prepared to be successful in soccer.

Even though the coach is a bit competitive, he still wishes for the boys to just do the best they can do and have fun with it. The boys always go out to eat and hang out together just like any other group of friends or family would. They are excited and happy about how far they all have come with all of their past few games and can’t wait for the next game to play.