Granada Hills Vs Birmingham Boys’ Basketball


Birmingham Basketball shows their competitiveness

Kristine Medina, Student Life Editor

There’s no denying the fact that our Birmingham Patriots are on the rise towards greatness this basketball season. Carrying the pressure of maintaining such a good record, it seems the boys have had no problem in doing so. Our team had a great game against the Granada Hills Highlanders ending the night with a winning score of 69-47.

The game started off slowly with Granada taking the lead very early in the game. At the end of the first quarter we were down by two points. During our last visit to Granada Hills High School, our Patriots dominated and ended the night with a score of 81 to 51, so being down in the first quarter only motivated them to come back stronger in the second quarter, and they did exactly that. By the end of the first half, the score board read 35 to 25 in favor of Birmingham. Being up by 10 points was a great way to end the half.

The third quarter of the game was action packed. The energy really picked up for both the teams and the crowd. Head Coach Nick Halic has said that the boys really feed off of the energy of the crowd and although the stands weren’t as filled as usual, the spirit was far from lacking. Senior Adrian Byrd(0), made a one-handed dunk followed by another one-handed dunk made by Junior Devante Detrive(23). Our heads were held high going into the final quarter holding a 15 point lead. The chemistry on the court between brothers Devante and Devonaire Doutrive is amazing. They executed passes to each other which led to the making of basket after basket. The Patriots went into the fourth and final quarter with an extreme amount of confidence. Mark Bowlin(11) made two three pointers to put the cherry on the cake of another fantastic win.