Lady Patriots’ Home Soccer Game vs. El Camino Real


Emely Vasquez, Staff Reporter

The BCCHS Girls’ Soccer Team plays their best to beat their opponents. Even though they are not always victorious in their games, the girls never give up and always continue to learn from their mistakes.

 The girls’ soccer team took up yet another opponent on the field as they played against El Camino Real in a home game on February 10th. BCCHS  started off very tough and motivated trying their best to keep up and beat their opponent. El Camino was a very tough rival for BCCHS to beat. Even though the girl’s soccer team had practiced and prepared to go against them, they weren’t able to win and ended up losing 5-0.

During the first half, El Camino scored three goals while the Birmingham girls tried their best to stop them. As time passed, the game got tougher and tougher for BCCHS’ defense. The first half ended with the BCCHS girls unable to score any goals. The girls took a much-needed break and planned new strategies to obtain different results on field.

 The second half started with BCCHS regenerated and ready to go. El Camino was also ready to go and continued to put on a strong front against Birmingham. Captain Gabriela Villalta(5) and Esmeralda Guzman(8) had made many attempts to score BCCHS’ first goal, but weren’t able to score. Inevitably with El Camino’s team playing excellent defense, they scored another two goals against BCCHS; even with attempts from our defense and players like Alyssa Esquivel(4) to block them. BCCHS kept on pushing through and finished the game with pride–proud to be Patriots even in a losing effort.