Feed the Mouth Winter Clothing Drive


Joselyn Argueta, Creative Arts Editor

The Feed the Mouth Club did an amazing job keeping their spirits high on the dramatic change they will bring about. Many students at Birmingham Community Charter High School participated in this event with enthusiasm . Many Patriots brought, with pride, their used blankets, scarfs, gloves, etc. to school in their backpacks even bringing an extra bag for their school work. We can tell the Patriots really put in a sincere effort to the assist the homeless in there area, and the school was buzzing to know more about this interesting club. They wanted to be part of the event and help the world little by little.

The Feed The Mouth Club was excited to receive each donations with a big bright smile. Their smiles would bring joy to the students and make their self esteem rise higher by making the students feel better about their donation. As each day passed, more and more students were encouraged to help. The Feed The Mouth Club was thankful to receive each donation and congratulate the students.  As the days came and went more and more donations came in and gave us a higher chance to help and spread the wealth of blankets and winter clothing to the ones in need. On Friday in the quad, the ASB club came to help promote the fundraising .

Friday was the most exciting day of the week and to make it even better, the Feed the Mouth Club made lunch fun and selfless with smiles. As they played music attracting attention to their event, calling young patriots and luring them in . Getting their attention and talk about their club is an excellent start.