BCCHS Girls’ Water Polo City Champions!



Girls’ Water Polo posing after winning the City Championships.

Alyssa Macias, Website Editor

Due to hard work and dedication, on Thursday March 25th, the BCCHS Girls’ Water Polo team won the CIF City Championship against Eagle Rock High School, 8-6.

They went into the game confident, knowing that they had worked their best and now was the time for all that effort to pay off. Angel Rosales, the assistant coach, praised the team by saying,” They worked especially hard this season, even though they had fun and enjoyed the games, they worked hard every single day. They were really pushed this time.” The coaches’ tough but encouraging teaching methods supported the success of the team, with Rosales continuing, “I don’t mind repeating things ten times. It’s about helping them improve to be the best they can be. Every single one of them has the potential to become great.

For the city championships, practice was changed to accommodate for the upcoming match. Instead of doing general skills improvement practice, the team focused on perfecting certain plays that they felt would be beneficial, and adapting their own styles to accommodate for the challenges that would arise during the competition against Eagle Rock for the Championship title. Practice was designed for motivation and confidence, so they could go into the game feeling prepared and able. Anakaren Carmona (12) detailed how the team practiced five days a week, at least two hours a day during the school week, and even more on Saturday. Carmona also spoke about how the team, “was 100% confident about the match. We had practiced every day, and we weren’t messing around with it.” The entire team practiced with the thought of no limitations and no boundaries, knowing that there is nowhere to stop improving yourself.  

Despite the team going into the championships confident, Monique Caballero (12) explained why, “It’s not just about winning or losing. It’s not about the individuals, it’s about the team and always playing as one no matter what.” With Rosales reiterating, “There is no favoritism here. Everyone works the same and no one is given slack.” The specialized practice schedules improved the teamwork between the girls, and Rosales’s detailed lessons helped with the technical skills aspect that is necessary for becoming a City Championship Water Polo team.