Varsity Softball Looking Forward to League Play


Phoebe Jackels (pitcher) and Rebecca Gomez (catcher).

Marie E. Rodriguez, Editor-In-Chief

With a 3-1 preseason record, the BCCHS Varsity Softball Team is ready to attack the regular season. This spring sport is a one that requires many long practices and dedication. In order to perfect the skills and stamina necessary to succeed, the 2016 Varsity Softball Team has pledged their high school lives to improving and developing their team’s performance and chemistry.

Although the preseason has been great overall, the first and only loss that the team faced was difficult to comprehend. Bishop Alemany was the opponent that made the girls suffer the tremendous loss. The BCCHS team was simply not performing at the plate, while Alemany seemed to have no problem in doing so. Losing 15-0, the girls had many improvements to make. Moving into later games, the girls were determined to their mistakes.  Soon after the lost against Alemany, the Lady Patriots faced Polytechnic High School in a nerve wrecking game, arguably their most difficult game yet. At the start of the fourth inning, BCCHS was down 2-0. At the bottom of the sixth, Rebecca Gomez(12) slammed a two-run homer followed by Phoebe Jackels (12) hitting in an RBI to put Birmingham up 3-2. At the top of the seventh, Poly sought revenge and scored two more runs to put them ahead 4-3. Finally at the bottom of the seventh, with one runner on base and two outs, Vanessa Alvarez(12) hit a a two-run homer to win the game for the Patriots with a score of 5-4. After the great loss to Alemany, this nail biting game against Poly provided the team with the confidence needed to continue into their preseason.

As each team member may have their chance to shine when an outstanding individual performance is made, it is the group efforts that go into practices and games that really make the team extraordinary. Jackels suggested that it is not an individual effort but a team effort that has gotten the girls through the more difficult of times. With the performance of the preseason in mind, Jackels shared her thoughts as follows “so far this preseason it’s a real team effort on the field and at the plate. I’m sure we will have some outstanding performances throughout our whole season and I can’t wait to see what happens.” Eager to begin, the regular season will be here in no time, ready to be dominated by the varsity team.

With plans to dominate the 2016 regular season, Jackels also shared her prediction of how the season may go. Jackels explained that the team has “great defense and great bats and we plan to make 2016 our year and go all the way.” With many future wins in mind and an impressive preseason record, the Lady Patriots seem to carry no fear to enter their regular season. With a strong positive mindset, Gomez has a great feeling about the 2016 regular season as well. Gomez stated,”based on our preseason, I would say our regular season is going to be very interesting and intense. I predict very close wins and loses and maybe a few extra innings.” By the looks of their preseason record so far and the passion that the team portrays, future games are things to look forward to.

The Varsity Lady Patriot plan to take the regular season by the reins and make it their own. Going into a spring break tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada, the girls are nothing more but excited to gain more wins and demonstrate their skills out on the field. With more practice and team bonding activities planned, the regular season is predicted to be a great one.