BCCHS Boys’ Tennis Season Concludes


Justin Archila backhanding the ball

Brayan Tenas, Staff Reporter

Last season, the BCCHS Boy’s Tennis Team did not play at their best. The Patriots lost the majority of their matches and only won a total of three matches while losing the rest. Last season they didn’t reach their full potential but this season the team is proving they can compete at the top level and have drastically improved since last season.

Birmingham’s boys’ tennis has been playing very well so far and they have been winning the majority of their matches recently.  The last time Birmingham played against El Camino, they lost 6-1. The Patriot tennis team has been having a much-improved season this spring, winning most of their matches, finishing the regular with a record of 6-8.  Birmingham wanted to see this match won, but El Camino had other plans.

Birmingham started off with singles matches. Birmingham played very well and was dominating El Camino. The Conquistadors looked like they were struggling at first, as many of them were knocking the ball towards the sidelines and the nets. Birmingham seemed strong enough to keep their form up but El Camino got back in the match and ultimately ended up winning the match and beating the Patriots once again. The final score was 6-1 with El Camino walking away with the victory while the Patriot team  was left disappointed and wondering what’s left in the season for them.

The team wanted to make sure they won the rest of their matches but this proved difficult. Overall, the team had a great season by winning more of their matches than last season. The team showed great improvement and was able to prove their place in playoffs by beating Carson and advancing to the city semi-finals. Unfortunately, they lost in the semi-finals to Narbonne.