Coachella or EDC? It’s Your Choice!


Alexandria Velis, Staff Reporter

Every year around spring time, people the ages of 18-30 grow excited when the line-ups for their favorite music festival appear online. If you prefer Coachella, tickets have been known to sell out within 15 minutes. If you prefer EDC, which stands for electric daisy carnival, tickets to the festival sell 20,000 in two minutes. It is reported that for both events, tickets sell faster and faster each year. Music festivals such as Coachella and EDC have gained increasing popularity as each year passes. Each of these music festivals have their target audience who have their own music tastes. EDC is directed towards those who have a taste for electronic dance music (EDM), including a love for such artists as Skrillex, Tiësto and Calvin Harris. While EDC is pretty much exclusive to EDM artists, Coachella has a broader range in terms of genre. Ranging from indie, pop, rock, and even EDM, Coachella has a total of 65 acts in their lineup for 2016. Anyone who is a regular visitor to these music festivals knows that it takes perfect planning in order to see your favorite artists and avoid scheduling conflicts.

All of this information together cannot merely persuade a person into believing that Coachella is better than EDC, or vice versa. A mere opinion is far too simple to decide for an entire population of diverse music lovers. Rather, it is this matter of the type of music each person enjoys that will make this decision for them. Coachella is most likely viewed as more popular only because of its broader range of genres, a love of which is shared by a more expansive group of people, Contrast that to the Electronic Daisy Carnival which focuses on a more specific type of genre and it’s followers. However one thing that is true about these differing music festivals is they have the ability to bring together various types of crowds.