Wild Powder Puff Football Game Won by Seniors


Part of the winning Senior Team

Kristine Medina, Student Life Editor

The second semester of school is always the most exciting for juniors and seniors. Juniors look forward to shortly  becoming seniors and seniors look forward to their senior events, college acceptance letters, and graduation. One event that the juniors and seniors share is the annual powder puff game. This event is a girls’ flag football game where the juniors and seniors play against each other. Powder puff games have been popular around several schools in the valley and its popularity continues to grow at Birmingham.


From catty girl fights to 45-minute long quarters, it’s safe to say we saw it all at this years game.  Both teams put up a great fight throughout the game. Going into the game, both teams thought they had the win in the bag, but it didn’t take very long to realize that that was not the case. Seniors took the ball first and started with a trick play ran by Kaylnn Moore that got them off to a great start. Juniors put up amazing defense and refused to let the seniors score a touchdown. Two quarters passed with no points scored at all, leaving the score at 0-0. The second quarter lasted 45 minutes, so going into the third quarter, the referee announced that time would no longer be stopped for any reasons and the clock would continue to run.
IMG_8331After almost every play, there were big upsets between both teams. Whether it was over unfair calls or playing a little too rough, these girls were hungry for a win. One of these upsets unfortunately led to the ejection of one girl from each team early on in the game but despite the drama, there was a game to be played. In the third quarter, senior Kandace Jones-Webb, scored the first touchdown leaving the score 7-0. After this, the senior team focused more on putting up terrific defense to keep the juniors from scoring and they did just that. the seniors defense was unstoppable which ultimately led them to their well-deserved win against the juniors.