Prepping for AP Exams–Stressful but Worth It


Emely Vasquez, Staff Reporter


The AP Exam is just around the corner. Students are very stressed and anxious about it. They’re using a variety of methods to ensure they pass and haven’t worked all year for nothing. The AP Exams are what students prep for all year and work so hard for. The AP test is the student’s chance to show everything that they have learned throughout the year and impress universities.

Students taking multiple APs are using many study methods to make sure they keep up. BCCHS student Yusra Khann said, “I work hard every day to be prepared for the test.” She does flash cards, study guides, goes over notes, and goes to tutoring to make sure she’s keeping up with the four AP classes she is taking this year. Khann is currently enrolled in AP Government, AP Psychology, AP Biology, and AP Statistics. When asked how she handles all the work, she answered, “I take it day by day and do my best.”

Cheyenne Greene said,”It’s very hard to manage my AP classes and still have time to relax and go out with friends.” She claims Barron Books are very helpful and help her review for all her classes. Greene also says,” I also use apps on my phone to review when I find time to study on the go.” Greene is taking AP Psychology and AP Art History. She is very excited to be done with the test, but is also very nervous about her score. She also said that she comes to as many Saturday review sessions as she possibly can and that they really help her.

The AP test is one of the hardest tests there is for high school students. They cause a lot of stress and add pressure for AP students. Although APs are very difficult classes, students love the challenge and do their very best to pass the exams.