From Color Guard to Winter Guard, More than Spinning Flags and Tossing Rifles


Michelle Suarez, Staff Reporter

Color guard season is over, so it’s time for the winter guard season to commence. Winter guard is not similar to color guard. Color guard consists of a group of girls adding color and meaning to the Birmingham High School Marching Band. Winter guard is the season when the team gets to perform on their own and represent the school. During winter guard season, a lot of different schools first need to attend an evaluation. In the evaluation, all the schools perform what their show is going to be about, and in performing, they give the judges a glimpse of what their show consists of. Judges evaluate the show and based on how the judges score you, they place the team in a certain division. Each division consists of about six or more schools, and whichever division the school is placed in by the judges, is the division the school will be competing against. The Birmingham High School Winter Guard is in it to win it and win first place at championships.

Color guard team member Itzel Chavez has been on the team for 2 years. She was inspired to join color guard because she says that she wanted to follow her sister’s footsteps. Chavez said, “Color guard is a great way to be involved in the school.” She highly recommends color guard for those who love to dance and want to contribute to the school.

Ms. Allie Furman is the BCCHS color guard coach. She has been the BCCHS color guard coach for  3 years. Furman stated that she was extremely proud of our team, and that she’s never seen so much improvement from any other guard team. Furman has helped the team tremendously. At the beginning of the season, the color guard team needed a bit of help in certain areas, but thanks to our amazing coach, the team fixed its mistakes. Furman has been a big reason for all the 1st place trophies the team has received.

Jasmine Garay is one of the three captain for the Birmingham Color Guard Team. She has been on the team for 3 years.  Along with Furman and the other two captains, Garay has done so much to help improve the team.  Garay stated, “I’ve never been more proud of my girls.” Garay has so much passion for this sport and this is evident by all her time and commitment to the team. She is greatly appreciated by her teammates.

Color guard is a very competitive and committed team. The team is full of great teammates who care and help others. Color guard opens many different pathways for those who want to achieve in life. In color guard, you learn how to work with an audience and therefore learn to work with a great amount of people.