Meaningless and Alone

Joselyn Argueta, Creative Arts Editor

I always……I always wondered why I was left behind. I never did anything wrong to any of them… I have become impatient with my own existence–I question it over and over again…why was I meant to be left behind? Waves washed up the shoreline and pulling my legs up to my chest I take a deep breath, feeling the cold air consume my lungs, closing my eyes, feeling my tears drop with no self consciousness. Soul 1 has been left behind, there is no shock and I’m stuck, I’m stuck in this world. Makes sense I never was appealing in their eyes, never caught anyone’s attention–I was just dull, invisible. That’s what I was to everyone even to myself.  Standing up with with my knee’s shaking, I walked and walked for hours until my feet were numb . Looking up at the dark, gloomy sky I wonder how they’re doing or what they’re doing, and most of all, why was I chosen to be thrown away? Will I ever know why?

Out of 345,568,890 only 1 soul was chosen to be left behind. We determine who we are? Did I get the chance? Apparently not as I’m not worthy of anything. Your mind is another whole other world, every word you’ve ever heard, and every person you have ever seen. Every memory and every lost is embedded in that brain. My mother, the head of “Star Reduction,” left me behind; her own daughter, the very first person who almost died giving birth to me doesn’t even give attention to my existence. I know it isn’t healthy to keep everything inside your heart, but I have no one else and my teddy bear isn’t working for me anymore. Earth used to have a large population? Did it, or was it just a dream in my own mind?Walking into my home, I feel emptiness because I no longer see this place with joy; I only see despair. I stop in my own tracks and hear rustling in the kitchen? We have no food? I’m the only one stuck here aren’t I ? Gripping the gun on my back pocket, I move closer to the noise.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!” he roars so I wasn’t alone….