Grease Lights Up the Stage


The actors perform “Grease Lightning”

Jack Freeman, Sports Editor

Birmingham’s play production didn’t disappoint with their most recent musical, Grease. This musical had the classic, made-for-Broadway Grease storyline along with some famous songs from the original production.

The props and the lighting for the musical really captured the true Grease feeling. One prop that especially stood out was the Grease Lightning Car that was an actual small car on wheels with seats that the actors sat and stood on while they sang songs or spoke dialogue. There were several bedroom scenes and the props they used for those scenes were also very authentic and made the audience feel like they were watching the cast perform in an actual bedroom. The transitions of changing props were also very quick and smooth. The costumes and hair of the actors were very authentic due to the great costume designers, Meagan Truxal and Paula Higgins. The boys in the play had their hair slicked back and were dressed in jeans with a white t-shirt and leather jacket. The women in the production wore dresses and had their hair straight or curled.

The actors and actresses also did a great job of capturing their character and incorporating that into their role. They did a very good job at using the correct tone when they were talking in slang. Throughout the play, various songs were sung and dances were performed to go along with those songs. The actors in the production sang the songs well and with a lot of emotion. However, there was one issue with one of the character’s microphones during the song “Grease Lightning.” They also beautifully choreographed the songs and danced smoothly due to the play’s choreographer, Bonnie Lavin-Hughes. Overall, the BCCHS production team, along with director and drama teacher Mr. David Weiss, did a spectacular job in their most recent rendition of the musical, Grease.