Juniors Excited for Senior Year!


All throughout the year current juniors have been looking forward to their senior year. What they have waited for so long has finally come. Juniors are excited for so many things next year, and after three years of looking up to upperclassmen, they will finally be it. Juniors will finally get to experience senior year and all that comes with being a senior. Students are looking forward to a variety of things, from being role models to lower class men to attending prom.

Current junior Jennifer Pleitez is excited for so many things. Pleitez exclaimed, “I’m looking forward to all the senior activities like prom and the CAL Senior Banquet!” She is also looking forward to make a difference in the school and in our community. Being a member in Knights and Ladies, she is also happy that she gets to volunteer and help people in need. Pleitez also said, “I can’t wait for the football games to start and begin looking into colleges.” She is very eager to start her final year of high school and is enthusiastic about finally going to college.

ASB member Khrisley Castillo is a junior at BCCHS. Castillo is already thinking about her future. She is extremely excited, and looks forward to her senior year. Castillo mentioned that she looks forward to all the senior events, and the new experiences she will encounter. When asked what she expects for her senior year, she responded, “I don’t want any regrets.” Castillo is currently enrolled in many extracurricular activities and she believes that senior year will be filled with joy and excitement for all future seniors.

Another BCCHS junior, Ilene Mata, told us what she was looking forward to next year. Mata can’t wait to attend her first-ever homecoming dance. Mata said,”I am most excited for the football games on Friday night. The school just has such a togetherness and everyone shows their school spirit.” She also talked about how thrilled she was by attending Winter Formal because it’s her favorite time of the year and she can’t wait to dance with her friends. When asked about what she’s looking forward to the most, Mata talked about going to Pierce College and doing something along the lines of writing and filmmaking. Mata has been looking forward to the experience of senior year since being a freshmen and can’t believe senior year is just months away. Juniors couldn’t be more excited about finally being able to call themselves seniors.