Patriot Varsity Football Preseason Wrap Up


Photo by Paul Diaz

Patriots huddle before start of game

Brayan Tenas and Rafael Vega

It’s a new school year, 2016-2017, and with this new year comes a new season of football! Last season, our Patriot Varsity Football Team had a record of 8-4, taking us to the playoffs but losing against Arleta. This season, the Patriots hope to make it all the way and win the city championship. This will prove to be more difficult than expected, as of October 1st, Birmingham is 1-4. It’s not really the best way to start off the season, but nonetheless, league play is barely starting and it’s still anyone’s game. Many fans are looking forward to this season and are expecting a lot from the football team. The games that most students are looking forward to are the playoff games and the homecoming game.

The first home game of the season was filled with high expectations and excitement. The student section was screaming the Birmingham chants as the game got underway. Everyone was full of excitement and joy as we watched our Patriots take on Harvard Westlake. The game was more difficult than expected,  and before halftime the cheerleaders were getting thrown up and one of them was almost dropped while they were catching her. Some people in the crowd were throwing water bottles all around and they disappointed the Patriot family.

Our first home game resulted in the Patriots losing  20-7.  The team needs to improve on both offense and defense. We saw impressive plays during the game against Harvard Westlake but unfortunately that wasn’t enough to get us the win. Marcos Moran (#4) might be the star of the football team, and his performance these past few preseason games has been phenomenal. Except for a win over Canoga Park High School, the other games the Patriots have played have ended up in big losses.

We lost against Notre Dame 48-0 and this was the biggest loss we’ve faced so far in the season. After this tough loss, we were able to beat Canoga Park at home 39-21 this made many of the Patriot fans happy and excited for the rest of the season. Soon after our first win, we took two losses against Dorsey 41-0 and Thousand Oaks 39-20.