International Student Vy Tran


Jennifer Silvas, Staff Writer

Vy Tran is an international student from Vietnam attending BCCHS. She’s a senior with a lot of hopes and dreams and came to the U.S. in August to finish her studies here.

When Vy was on her way to the U.S. she felt happy, but sad at the same time because she was going to miss her family. She had a hard time adapting to the time zone differences. While the school system here and the one from Vietnam is different, she feels less stressed overall. She is more comfortable, relaxed, and it isn’t always about school.

She finds BCCHS bigger, and you can have more of a variety of classes unlike in Vietnam where you have to study all the required subjects. Vy pictures herself in the future going to a known university like USC. She plans to live here because she likes the people, environment, and education. She doesn’t know what she wants to become yet, but plans on studying logistics as her major. Other than that, her hobbies are listening to music, shopping, and running. Her favorite food is Korean and Vietnamese food, because she loves the spices and the different flavors.

If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would love to visit France next because it’s known to be picturesquely romantic and she would also love to see the Eiffel Tower simply because it’s beautiful. Vy also wants a family and 2 kids,  and she doesn’t plan on going back to Vietnam to live because she feels it is very polluted, but she would like to go visit her family and friends from time to time.