Vending Machines Open or Closed?

Vending Machines Open or Closed?

Denise Reynoso, Opinion Editor

Starting with the new school year, various things has changed for the better for students and faculty. One of which was the vending machines because that had stuck out to me the most. The new vending machines work amazingly well and hold more of a variety of snacks than the older ones we had. There’s nothing wrong with the new machines technically or functionally, but there is a problem with the new higher pricing.

Another problem exists, and it’s a blaring one, is how the custodians close the vending machines during class and sometimes, but not always, during passing periods. I’m sure their reasoning is so that students won’t be able to have excuses being late to class, or so they won’t leave class to get something to munch on. However, I disagree with this new rule and I’m sure other students don’t like it either. There are some students how have low blood sugar and they need a snack to help them keep their sugar levels up, especially during class. Considering how long the classes are as well, I don’t think the student or even teacher would want to make a big deal to get the student to the nurse when they can have a friend go and get a snack from the machines. Also if a student is hungry, I think they should be able to get a snack–students can’t think very well on a empty stomach.

Getting back to the problem that would be the pricing of the items, some students agree that the pricing is a bit out of range. Last year, bottled water was just a dollar and now it’s a dollar and twenty five cents. This isn’t such a big leap from just being a dollar but it’s still kind of like ‘what the heck?’ and an inconvenience because it was better when it was only a dollar.  The chips are a dollar but the same chips are fifty cents at the student store and it was like this last year too. I can’t help but feel ripped off by the school and it makes me a bit aggravated.

Besides these inconveniences, these new machines are sleek and function well.