Donald Trump, the Definition of Xenophobia


Stephanie Cuba, Arts & Entertainment Editor


On June 16, 2016 Donald Trump had announced his immigrant-based campaign calling for a massive wall to keep illegal immigrants out. His main focus was to make America “great again” by kicking out everyone who didn’t fit his ideal image of America. His announcements, filled with xenophobic messages such as calling Mexicans thieves, Muslims terrorists, and African Americans criminals. Is this really the man you want for President?

Xenophobia means to have a deep fear of immigrants from other countries. People had experienced this feeling before when we thought immigrants were taking our jobs, but there’s a larger, more dominant figure who has expressed this ideal deeper to keep this strong facade for the masses so no one truly knows the coward he really is. Besides clowns running around causing fear in the public before Halloween, we now face a bigger fear as seen through our television or computer screens and campaigning for our votes, Donald Trump.

Trump’s words show no control, and every racist, sexist, and xenophobic comment that has been thought of has come out of that man’s mouth. We are supposed to be the United States of America, a land built with immigrants as well as strong liberties and better opportunities, not an America focused on one particular race. We evolved from that stage, and we need a president who could lead us to success and move America’s society forward. Who is he to tell us what country we are allowed to be in? All this candidate does is talk up to these false extremist ideas, though no one actually heard of what his solutions are or what his backup plan is. His supporters follow him blindly though he’s just lost in the dark waiting to smash into some wall once he is in charge.

Why does Donald Trump hate immigrants so strongly that he must conduct a plan to “humanely” deport immigrants out of America?  Why does he promote a large wall between the Mexican and American border? These are the statements that had basically become a running meme through the internet and real life when we think of Donald Trump. There isn’t anything particularly good or really anything supporting about immigrants. The closest thing to nice or support was, “They’re rapists, and some, I assume are good people.” He’s assuming that only some, very few probably, immigrants are good, but the vast majority are a type of criminal as if he’s categorizing people who he had not met or known and the community in general.

There are some men, women, children, families large and small, who risked their well-being to get the better opportunity America is known for and do something worthwhile with their lives as well as for future generations as well, the chance to live the American Dream. Then, there’s this close-minded businessman who’s never had or will have gone through the struggles of immigrants saying that he wants to kick them out, since they’re not part of his ideal America. Is this really the type of mentality you want in the White House? I would hope not.

Mexicans have been the main focus, but has targeted other races as well like Muslims and Chinese. Everyone who has ever had some sort of history class knows America had it’s dark times with prejudice and discrimination to non-caucasian races. We evolved past that, but it seems Donald Trump wants to regress that progress. For example, to fend off Muslims, they plan to shut down overseas borders to stop them from entering because he thinks that most Muslims are terrorists. He’s egomaniacal and shows no respect for the good Obama tried to do. “And isn’t it funny. I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. . . ” In his own words he claims to be, “the least racist person that you have ever met.” It’s amazing he had the audacity to say that and this had to be some type of joke. He doesn’t have the answers, but he just keep repeating over and over again of a plan he doesn’t even have. It’s shocking how he’s still here as Donald Trump has proved repeatedly how he might as well be a synonym for xenophobia.

The only reason he has these fears of immigrants is because he knows what they’re capable of. They carry a strength to cross borders and work hard to climb to get close to a status that he undeservingly has. He knows this, and he knows that immigrants can surpass him one day. Immigrants weren’t born here, but they can carry the American spirit. America was intended to be a place of diverse race coming together and being united.  And, we as a united people would be losing that if we put a man like Donald Trump in charge.