Top 5 Most Sought After Haunted Houses in America


Horrific image of the horrors that take place at McKamey Manor Haunted House

Scott Gutierrez, Editor in Chief

As the list suggest, these haunted house attractions are the most extreme we have or had in the U.S. to date that open up to thrill-seeking –some would call insane-prospectors who just can’t wait to be locked up for hours like a real life horror movie! Like anything extreme, all of the following houses require you to either be of 18 or more years of age (some require 21 and up) and sign a waiver, which may or may not say that they are allowed to take away your sanity…but that’s what these fear fanatics are seeking for! The lists are not in any order in particular since all of these are simple down right call for your mom scenarios… did I mention you also have to pay for admission as well?

The first on our list would be Shocktoberfest: Scared and Naked Challenge in Pennsylvania where you are, as the name suggests, stripped of your lovely apparel and pushed into a dark house with actors eager to come and scare the clothes off of you…well, if you have any that is. The creator of such a unique house is Patrick Konopeleski who wanted to experiment if participants in the nude would have their senses heighten. Local residents had protested on such experiment from taking place. Despite on being protested the experiment is still relentlessly continuing. If for some reason you would actually dare to go.

The Freakling Bros: Victim Experience located in Nevada, which actually features three different houses to choose from,oh boy, is that exciting! The three houses are as follows: The Coven of 13, Gates of Hell and Castle Vampire. Just logging onto the website was quite disturbing as you’re greeting by past “victims” as they like to call their participants and it’s evident why. There is a safe word just in case you finally realize that this is and was a bad idea. As some victims have reported being dragged across dark corridors and water boarding –which is quite popular for these types of full contact houses. Here’s a nice little inspirational quote from their website so you can come on down to the house: ‘This experience is not “fun.” …When you’re trapped with us, somewhere in darkness, screaming for your life, wishing you were never born… remember this: YOU ASKED FOR IT.’

Glad you made it this far! Now, let’s proceed with our fun little showcase. Up next is the Alone – An Existential Haunting that is more of a dark mental trip. The experience isn’t generic for each person, everyone who dares go into this place are delightfully spooked by the actors using their actual names because what’s scarier than a creepy voice yelling your name in the dark? Various people have reported to leave with bruises and cuts so like all of these; it is not for the faint of heart. Not much is really known about this attraction since most do not dare speak after the day, that was a joke… maybe.

Now for one of the most notorious haunted houses legally possible and created by a sadistic millionaire Russ McKamey. This house is does not require directly payment but a donation; in return you get a stomached churning, heart racing and mentally scarring experience, who knew being a philanthropist would be so rewarding? This house requires 21 years of age; and this is pretty neat in my opinion but this house has eliminated the use of a safe word as well as keep the experience going from 4 to 7 hours. Participants have reported being threatened with various power tools, forced to eat mysterious things, live tarantulas being put on them and one person was even stuffed into a clothes dryer –probably a good call if you were getting water boarded—but don’t worry there is only a 17,000 person waiting list so you have plenty of time to rethink your participation in such attraction!