The Walking Dead Savagely Returns


Geovanni Gomez, Staff Reporter

As AMC’s The Walking Dead has progressed, the humans have become more the villains than the zombies.

Disclaimer: If you have not seen the past seasons or the season premiere of  The Walking Dead, it is advised that the reader not continue reading. Spoiler alert is readily available. 

So the fans were left suffering with the last season finale. It ended with Negan, played by Jeffery Dean Morgan, smashing  someone’s head with his bat named Lucia. This scene ended season six. Fans were left in suspense: who was killed? Was it Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl, or Eugene!? Fans had to wait six months before discovering which beloved character met their untimely death.

Directors Rob Robert Kirkman, Scott M. Gimple, and Greg Nicotero didn’t wait to reveal who was killed in the season premiere. The first victim of season seven was Abraham, played by Michael Cudlitz. Negan swung his bat straight down Abraham head. Abraham’s last words were defiant as he was beaten to death. On the last season, Glenn was tragically killed by Negan, the newest villain–and by far the most dangerous–of the show.. This scene was extremely sad because Maggie, his wife, burst in tears. Some fans blame Daryl for Glenn’s death since Daryl punched Negan because Negan taunted Rosita with Abraham’s death causing Negan to take action, but many believe Daryl did the right thing. Glenn’s character, played by Steven Yeun, was one of the oldest characters in The Walking Dead lasting seven years . Rick, Morgan, Carol, and Carl are the only characters who remain from the show’s first season.

Season seven’s season premiere was full of interactions between Rick and Negan. Throughout the episode, Rick seemed to not be afraid of Negan until Carl, his son, was brought into a scene. Towards the end, Negan forces Rick to cut off Carl’s arm. Negan never had intentions of cutting Carl’s arm off, but came to it with the malevolent intention of wanting Rick to fear him. Negan strives from striking fear onto all of his survivors. For this reason, Negan taunts Rick right before he’s about to cut Carl’s arm off by telling him to stop and remember what he was about to do.  Although Negan invokes fear onto the group, Maggie states that she wants to go to war with Negan to avenge Glenn and Abraham death.

This season is sure to be filled with action. Although Rick does not have an army to go to war with, King Ezekiel, a new character in show, has been seen with Carol and Morgan in many of the previews and this hints that this new character may indeed play a big role this season. It is uncertain what will become of season seven, but we’ll continue watching–all with tears of joy and sadness. The show we hate to love: The Walking Dead.