BCCHS Women’s Golf Finishes Strong


Kevin Alparicio, Yearbook

The 2016-17 BCCHS Women’s Golf Team

Denise Reynoso and Hadaasa Nae

The BCCHS Women’s Golf Team had an incredible season, winning six out of eight matches. What made the season successful is the team’s determination for the game and dedication for each other. The women’s golf team has great players, such as newcomer Haydee Sagdo and veteran Vanessa Ledesma. None of this success would have happened without an amazing, talented coach, as well as the teams’ determination and dedication. The girls and the coach had a wonderful season tackling many obstacles but in the same time having fun with one another.

Mr. Kelly, head coach of both the men’s and women’s golf teams, explains that this is the “biggest team [he’s] had.” This year’s women’s golf team opened up for 15 brand-new players, with one remaining veteran. The girls golf team nevertheless won six out of eight games, and finished second in league play. Finishing second shows the team’s will and determination for the game as well as for one another. Coach Kelly has been coaching golf for nine years. Reflecting on why he took the coaching job, he states, “It was an opportunity and it has been fun for nine years.” He has also been playing golf for many years as well. He explained that it was “just as a hobby, I’ve played it my whole life.”  Who better to coach the two golf teams than a experienced golfer himself who has been playing most his life?

As for the girls, they are very expressive about why they love golf and decided to play golf. For one of the girls, Ruby Dionicio, “music, metal, rock and seeing how artists have been through things and they sing their way out. Instead of releasing their anger out negatively, they sing–and I play golf.” She uses golf as a healthy type of anger release, and she enjoys it very much.
As for Jessica Rigo, a teammate of Dionicio, she had explained why she loves golf: “Golf relieves my stress, and music really inspires me just to see and hear the artist’s struggle and how they sum it up in their music.” Just like Ruby she had also been inspired by music to play golf.
Jocelyn Quevedo (12) exclaimed that “golf was a good opportunity to try something new. How everyone gets along is inspiring to me.” The team gets along well, and they’re practically a family. All of the girls on the team joined golf for different reasons and it had brought them together.