Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day DIYs

Fun and Easy Valentines Day DIYs

Stacy Corea and Jennifer Silvas, Staff Writer/Staff Photographer

It’s that time of year again when you struggle to find your loved one or spouse a little something special that comes from your heart. VALENTINE’S DAY is a day filled with love and joy, when you show love to your loved ones and friends. Some people go all out to express their love for their significant other, while others some show their love by being creative. If  you have a budget you want to maintain, or you want to do something outside the box, here are some easy and creative DIY’s to show how much you love and appreciate that special someone.

Candy Jars For Valentines Day

Materials: mason jars , twine , cupcake linear, scissors , and loved ones favorite candy.

Step 1: Pour your loved one’s favorite candy into the clean jar and screw the lid on.
Step 2: Place and center cupcake liner on top of the lid. Secure it by wrapping baker’s twine around it, and tying a knot.
Step 3: Use scissors to trim excess twine, and give your gift to your loved one


52 Things I Love You

Materials: A deck of cards, a black marker, 2 binder rings, a whole puncher, scissors, any stickers you want, and a piece of paper.


Step 1: Punch 2 holes in all your cards, one hole on top and one at the bottom                                                                           Step 2: Next, write out 52 reasons why you love that person on a separate piece of paper                                                    Step 3: With a black marker write a quality why you love that person on each card                                                           Step 4: Decorate each of your cards with personal pictures, printouts, stickers, and drawings if you like. You can get as fun and creative as you want to be.                                                                                                                                                               Step 5: Put one binder ring in one hole, and the other ring in the other hole, and you’re done! This is a nice and thoughtful way to show someone how much you love them.


Flower Pot Lollipop Bouquet

Materials: A small flower pot, foam sphere(depends on the size of your flower pot), your loved one’s favorite lollipops, glue gun, decorative ribbon, any color paint or spray paint.


Step 1: Cut the foam sphere in half and place it in the pot, try to make it fit. Decorate, paint, or spray paint the pot, after that, let it dry.                                                                                                                                                                              Step 2: Poke the stems of the lollipops into the foam. Start at the very top and work your way around and down. Try not to reposition the lollipops while you’re working. If you take the lollypops out and put them back in again, they won’t stay in the foam securely.                                                                                                                                                         Step 3: Decorate with some ribbon. You could write or print a little message, cut it out, tape it to a wooden skewer, and poke it in the top of the bouquet, and you are DONE!                                                                                                                        In 30 minutes, you can make a really cute and unique present for your loved one with a sweet tooth, for less than $5.00.


Love Poster With Candy

Materials: markers, poster, and candy

Directions: Step 1: write down a cute message for your loved one on a piece of paper and think of what candy you’re going to use.  Step 2: When you’re done writing it down on a piece of paper, get a marker and write it on the poster and make sure what you wrote makes sense with the candy name.