Mrs. Mathis:Dance Team Coach


Maariyah Ford

Mrs. Mathis’ dance class.

Maariyah Ford

Mrs. Mathis is Birmingham’s new dance teacher. She works as the dance teacher because it was the only dance class the school gave her, and because she also teaches aerobics. Mrs. Mathis expects her students to have their heart rates up, to be healthy, and to just have fun in her class. She plans to not only teach different dances, but also teach their history.

Mrs. Mathis decided to create a dance club so she could do outside school activities, and to just have fun. She plans on having her club create homecoming floats, a haunted house, and perform at pep rallies.

Mrs. Mathis has loved dancing ever since she was a little girl. She also mentions how her family loves to danceĀ  as well. “Dancing is in the genes… dancing makes me feel happy, free, energetic, and confident.”

When Mrs. Mathis finished high school, she stared doing turbo kicking because she loved moving with the music, and it made her feel like she can do anything.