The Alexandria Hotel and Six More Haunted Places to Visit Year Round

The Alexandria Hotel

The Alexandria Hotel

Melanie Villaseñor, Staff Writer

Are you bored at home wondering where your next adventure should be? Don’t look any further because you can wake the souls of the past who are in need of company. These are a few places you can visit and not cry from fear. The site of this year’s prom, The Alexandria Hotel, will be examined last.

The first place on the list is The Old Zoo in Griffith Park.  In the past, it was filled with laughing children and playful animals trapped in cells, but now the cells are filled with the spirits of what use to be. A great hike with adventure, you can explore the zoo and imagine yourself as a crazed animal but don’t stay for too long as the “curse” that was bestowed on the land will seep into your body and have you running for the hills.  

A shed that once held animals now is full of graffiti and spirits lurking.
The beautiful Queen Mary with spirits as tour guides.

The second place is The Queen Mary, famous for being a haunted hotel and museum, and spirits are the only alarm clock you need when trying to get out of bed. It is said to be the most haunted place to visit in California with more than 150 known ghosts lurking in the shadows and sometimes can be seen taking a dip in their 1930’s bathing suit.

The third, and recently the most famous, is The Cecil Hotel based upon true events that have been the plot of The American Horror Story. Here lies mysterious killings last seen in 2016 when a student stayed from overseas and weeks later was found decomposing in the hotel’s water tank. With serial killers to drug addicts, it’s full of negative energy that will surely give you nightmares.

The fourth most gruesome place to visit is the Lincoln Heights Jail, home of the “Bloody Christmas” murder that happened in the 1930s. In 1994 the new owner, who was suppose to build a gym in the location, turned up dead in the elevator shaft. Proceed with caution, and remember never to go alone when visiting this bad-juju jail. 

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Cecil Hotel home of the wicked.

The fifth haunted place is known as the “Downey Insane Asylum.” Rancho Los Amigos Hospital has been abandoned since the 1980s and the spirits of the insane and the ill wander the hallways and rooms searching for bodies to scare. In a freezer, packages of body parts were found–10 legs, feet, and brain matter were “left behind during a long-ago move.” 

Sixth on our list is the known “Suicide Bridge” which is the Colorado Street Bridge. During the Great Depression, people would come to this bridge and jump off–escaping from their sad lives. Many have seen a woman in white walking around, and the lights are known to turn on and off during the night–spooking some night hikers below in the trails.

Rancho Los Amigos Hospital known for housing the insane.

The Alexandria Hotel is number seven on the list and is also the venue for our 2017 Senior Prom coming up in May. A grand hotel with beautiful architecture is the home of a few ghosts who have been known to watch you as you dance the night away. Most paranormal activity is seen in mostly in the basement, 2nd, 11th and 12th floors of the spectacular hotel. There are rooms walled off and no one is allowed entry. No one knows what exactly what is inside, but it must’ve been very ghostly if they had to build a wall to trap what was inside. Many residents who used to live there during the Great Depression died in this very hotel and are known to dance around during a party. A shy girl in the corner appears out of nowhere and watches the scenes of the living, and a woman watches from the bathroom mirror as you look into her mirror. Don’t worry, no murder has happened. Just a few ghosts who love to time travel to the time when they were once alive with a beating heart.