2017 Yearbook Will Sell Out Soon!



The Yearbook Staff 2016-2017

Denise Reynoso and Hadaasa Nae

Everyone wants to remember their high school experience, and by doing that, students buy the annual yearbook. The yearbook encompasses all of the fun events the school had, as well as all the clubs and sports teams. This year’s yearbook staff is really is one of a kind. The staff started with 450 yearbooks ordered, and now they are close to having sold 400 books.  With three weeks left in school and then final exams, there are only 50 books left!

Last year, students who did not order on time were devastated. This just goes to show how important it is to get your order in on time. The yearbook staff and Ms. Kono, the yearbook advisor, try to get every single student in the yearbook. Their annual goal is to get each student mentioned at least three times. They met their goal this year by 30%, doubling last year by 15% of students. Yearbook is still hoping for 100% of students to be mentioned.

Yearbook’s original goal last year was to order and sell 400 books. Yet, due to popular demand and increasing sales, this year’s order grew to 450. However, ordering too many yearbooks can create a loss of revenue for the yearbook staff. The school administration tries to keep the yearbook ordering close to selling out so losses are at a minimum.

The yearbooks are soon to sell out, just like last year. Do not get the impression that you can buy your yearbook at the last minute. The yearbooks are a must buy, especially for seniors! The yearbooks are published by the company Jostens, and you can buy the book for 90 dollars. The yearbook’s quality is exceptionally good, and it has a special coating that gives the yearbook a nice refreshing finish. It is not just any ordinary book. So come get your yearbook Patriots. Don’t miss out!