Fidget Spinners Conquer the Globe


There is an invention that was created in the 1990s by Catherine A. Hettinger and became popular this year. The invention is called a fidget spinner. Fidget spinners were invented for people that have attention deficit disorder (ADD), and attention deficit hyper-active disorder (ADHD), and many people use it to take away stress.

These fidget spinners all have different designs, but the original designs have a circle in the middle and that’s where you hold it. It has 3 tips and you just push it with your other hand and it starts spinning. All fidget spinners have a different price tag. The higher the price, the longer it spins, and if it’s a cheaper spinner, it takes a smaller amount of spins till it stops again.

Fidget spinners have turned into a worldwide sensation and there are people that even collect them and do different things with them. Others try to come up with a new design for it, but this worldwide sensation has made big money and many companies make their own so they can be a part of that production.

The fidget spinner was first created by Hettinger and she made it in 1993. She first described it as “one horrible summer” and said that because her daughter was suffering from myasthenia gravis, she created the fidget spinner which would help her daughter with her disorder. At first fidget spinners wouldn’t make any money because they had a high price tag on them, but then in 2017 they blew beyond the roof.

Why did they suddenly become a huge thing? Prices lowered A LOT and the cheapest they are now are $5 and you can basically buy them anywhere. There are even people that can do cool tricks with them. The main buyers in the fidget spinner market are youths from 5-17 but there are adults that buy them too but in lesser amounts.

How do they work? They have a center piece and they have 2/3 bearings that make it spin so once you want to spin you just put two fingers on the center piece and you just spin it with your other fingers and let it do it’s thing from there. There are a lot of people that love spinning them. People like to collect them and stack them all on top of each other and see how it looks with all of them spinning. They also like to create something new with them so that they can sell their own and make a profit out of them. The only question now is how long will they stay popular? They’ll probably die out before the end of 2017, but at the moment these little spinners are a huge thing and companies continue making big money off of them.

Fidget spinners have taken the world by storm, selling out in toy stores everywhere and giving parents and teachers headaches. Who knows how long this trendy toy will keep it’s popularity but it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. There is already a lot of controversy surrounding this spinning gadget, such as should kids even be using them for toys, because they were made for people with certain mental disorders.

Another issue that comes to mind about fidget spinners is whether or not they should be allowed within schools. Many schools have began to ban them as they take away the students’ attention at various times. It is reported that fidget spinners are banned in 32% of the largest high schools in the country. Only time will tell if these toys will last any longer or will they fade away like any other fad?