“You Will Die in Seven Days”


Zak Parchen, Staff Reporter

The light of the moon cast its eerie glow over Birmingham, as all attention focused on the projection screen.  The audience of well over a hundred people were all captivated in horror by the psychological thriller, “The Ring.”

On Friday, October 3, the Digital Media Arts Academy hosted a showing of “The Ring,” in the quad at 7:00 PM, as a way to get the school in the spirit of Halloween.  The movie was quite engaging and had a great deal of suspense.  The plot of the movie was about a strange tape that after you watch it, you will receive a mysterious phone call  telling you that you have seven days before you die.  After the seven days pass, the inevitable happens.  The protagonist, a divorced mother, watches the tape after attempting to uncover the cause for the death of her niece, and is in a race against time to save not only herself, but her only child, who had also seen the film.

The tickets for the event were sold for a low fee of $3, only $2 if they were purchased in advance, and the tickets were accompanied with a drink at no additional fee.  In front of the school, there were several food trucks for the event, selling a wide variety of different meals.  Overall, the event was well hosted and you should keep your eyes open for Media’s next event.