Rivera’s Review

Marie E. Rodriguez, Website Editor

Full name: Angela Marie Rivera

Grade: 12th

Position: Point Guard


How many years have you been on varsity/JV?

 I was on Jv my freshman year. This will be my third year on Varsity


Please provide a recap on the varsity team last season. (record, memorable moments, needed improvements, etc.)

Last season we were able to make it to the second round of playoffs. It was a tough loss against Marshall.

Every bus ride, every game was a moment to remember with the girls.The beginning of season for us was bumpy, but we learned to communicate and work as one on the court. Each player contributed to the team, if someone wasn’t there it was like a piece of the puzzle was missing. By the end of season we were as strong as we could be. But there is always room for improvements.


  Coming into preseason, what improvements does the team need to make?

Coming into preseason, some improvements we need to make are to be more aggressive and to become a running team. We want to be able to out run the other team and be quicker with every movement.


What is needed to be achieved this upcoming season? (goals, etc.)

We need to be focused and not let any outside problems affect us as a team. this season our goal is to beat every team in our league, we want to make it to CIF. It will take a lot of hardwork and dedication.


 Please provide a description of a typical day at practice.

  We usually  start off by stretching. After we will do drills that is needed to improve our skills. We will go over plays and add defense. We will scrimmage and take the things we learn and use them on the court.


 Who are your rivals? What do you hope to achieve when facing that rival?

Out rivals would be El Camino and Granada. We hope to play our game and control the momentum of it. By doing so, we will win these games.


 How is the team looking so far?

The team has its bumps and bruises but not something we can’t fix. We are getting up on the scale and improving day by day.


 If you could change one thing about the team, what would it be?

I would not change anything. The team is what we make it. As long as everyone is here to succeed and is willing to give it their all, then I couldn’t ask for anything more.


 What is the relationship like between the girls and the coach? 

Being able to play a sport that I love with other girls who love it as well is great. The bond we have created is something I would never trade. We all have a close relationship with one another. Since we have a new coach, coach Koop, our relationship is not as strong, we have our moments. But that is something that will build up overtime.


 What helps the team bond together as one during a game?

The fact that we are so close to each other helps. We work as one because we know how one another plays and how we act.


 Anything else you want to add?

I am going to miss playing with these girls after I graduate. The hardships we faced during the basketball seasons, we faced as a team together. Being with these girls and being apart of this team made my high school years worth wild. I’ve grown to love them like they were my family.