2017 School Site Glow Ups


Freshly new paint makes the quad pop out throughout the school. The bright new colors really shows the school’s pride.

Alejandro Marroquin, Staff Writer

New school year, new upgrades. Birmingham Community Charter High School has changed the school with new looks. So far, it looks really amazing. There are new bleachers at the gym and they look awesome and they are more cozy than the ones before. Also in the gym are new speakers near the ceiling. There are also new ramps in the far end classrooms (400s) with gardens under construction. In addition, most parts of the campus have been repainted. They changed the colors on the outside walls of the buildings to a lighter scheme.

The new bleachers in the gym are in better condition. Students always complained about them previously. The new bleachers are cool and fancy. It has a nice blue color that goes with the school colors. There is not a lot of space, but it is an upgrade over the old ones.  The school added speakers near the roof of the gym and the combination of new speakers and new seats makes the gym look nice and fresh.

There are no longer metal ramps in the 400s as they are now easy-to-access ramps made from concrete. The metal ramps were dented and noisy. Every time anyone walked on the ramps, it made loud noises. Students say that the metal ramps were really loud and the noise was annoying. Next to the each of the classrooms in the 400s is a little garden. Birmingham plans to plant more flowers and plants next to the 400 classrooms.

Birmingham has been repainted and some places on campus have different colors. Some buildings and classrooms have been repainted. The school added more white and gold colors to the buildings. The paint makes the buildings look cleaner and newer and this allows BCCHS to show the school’s colors with pride.