Long Lunch Lines at BCCHS


Sebastian Cardona, Staff Writer

We have over 3,400 students at Birmingham Community Charter High School and most of them get hungry during lunch. BCCHS has an indoor food court, outdoor food court, and food carts outside E and F halls, but there’s still no difference seen in the size of the lines of students waiting to get food.

The lunch lines at Birmingham are still full of students, and the lines are compact and students push and cut each other off–which isn’t a good thing to happen. ¬†Yes, the lunch lines in the outdoor and indoor food court have shortened, but the wait is still long for getting your food. Some people don’t mind how long the food line is, but some people do. Some students don’t even bother going to the lunch lines since the wait is too long for them. Some students have to pay for their food, which makes the line longer because they have to insert their code and hand in money and sometimes wait for their change–which is annoying when you are next in line.

Long lines equal more waiting and that means that there are shorter lunch breaks which shows that many kids don’t get enough time to eat and socialize. Yet it doesn’t stop several students from breaking out. The lunch lines are long and students complain that they’re waiting 10 minutes in line just to get food, and that’s wasting their 35 minute lunch and making it 25 minutes long. Lunch lines by F and E hall have helped the lines by the cafeteria shorten, but it’s still not enough to make a serious impact on the size of the lunch lines.