Patriot Football Finishes League 4-1, Heading to Open Division Playoffs


Football Seniors and a couple other teammates with Coach Rose on Senior Night

Destiny Taufahema, Co-Sports Editor

Birmingham faced five local high school teams during league; Taft Toreadors, Granada Highlanders, El Camino Conquistadores, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Chatsworth Chancellors. The Patriots will be going into the playoffs in the open division against the Fairfax Lions on November 17th.

Football players in a huddle before the game

After the last preseason game against Aguora, Birmingham’s football players had a long and hard working bye week. During their bye week, the Patriots had more than plenty of time to rest up and train harder for their first league game.

The first league game was against BCCHS’ rival, ¬†Taft. The game was at Taft’s home stadium for their homecoming game. As expected, our Patriots blew Taft away with an incredible win and a 60-0 score! There were many touchdowns and Patriot interceptions achieved that night. Both the offense and defense did an outstanding job, as they kept scoring touchdowns and prevented Taft from getting any. The score pretty much sums up how the game went for both teams; a great game for Birmingham, and a disappointing homecoming for Taft.

Secondly, the game against Granada was one for the books, as the final score was 38-14. The game happened to be on Friday the 13th so that’s why it was pretty cool. Birmingham scored in each quarter besides the final one, but they led the entire game. The Highlanders scored in the first and final quarters of the game accomplishing 14 points.

Birmingham crowd during the game against Cleveland

The third league game against El Camino was really hectic. However it was a great game to watch even though the Patriots didn’t win, 24-21. The first half of the game started off just right for our boys, leading with a touchdown and a two point conversion 14-7. The second half is what made this game really intense and had everyone on the edge of their seats. The Conquistadors were able to tie the game 14-14 during the third quarter. Lastly, the fourth quarter was the most craziest part of the game as both teams scored a touchdown keeping the score tied. Eventually, it all came down to who received the ball last. El Camino had received the ball last but didn’t have any chance at scoring a touchdown, because our defense was doing a great job. However, El Camino was able to kick a field goal and was leading by three points. Time nor the referees were on Birmingham’s side that night, while for the Conquistadors, they had it all–including a touch of luck.

Fortunately, the Patriots were able to have the homecoming game at our home football stadium as well as senior night. The fourth league game against Cleveland was moved back to Birmingham’s home field because the field hadn’t yet started remodeling. The BCCHS Patriots did an amazing job this night and the crowd was rewarded with a great game against Cleveland and a 41-6 victory.

Team Captains: Marcos Moran, Jesus Santisteban, Geovanni Cifuentes, and Samajhae Rogers going up for the coin toss against Taft

The Patriots’ final game before heading into the playoffs was against Chatsworth. There were touchdowns left to right from our Patriots the whole game. Yet the Cavaliers were capable of getting in one touchdown during the second quarter. In the last quarter, neither of the teams scored any points, leaving the score 72-7. The game pretty much ended in the third quarter with another blowout for our Patriots. The Patriots finishing their league with a 4-1 record.

Now Birmingham’s football players will have two weeks to practice hard and learn Fairfax’s plays before the playoffs begin. We wish our Patriots the best of luck as they go into the tough open division.