Is Racism a Problem With No Solution?


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White supremacists gather in Charlottesville committing racist acts.

Lourenco Medici, Sports Editor

Talking about racism is not something new. Every week, people can watch something on the news that mentioned any act of a certain person, a certain group against black people, against people with different nationalities, and different religions. It is a something that keeps coming back every other day and always makes people discuss it.

The question that I keep making myself is why it is so hard for people to understand the differences between each other? How is it so hard for some groups to understand and accept those differences? In a society in which every single person is different and unique, and there are a bunch of laws to make these differences acceptable, why do people keep going against others that think differently than they do?

Our society could blame all those racists groups and racist people and require them to be arrested. That kind of behavior, obviously, is the easiest solution and what most people would like to do, but the fault isn’t completely on the hate groups. At first, it can be hard to see but the biggest cause of someone that hates, (or can’t stand a “different” person) is how they are raised by their family–their living examples.

When a person is born and hears from their parents racist phrases and notices their grandparents making fun of black, or hispanic, or asian people, this person will grow up thinking that this is normal. A person is not born with the hate inside them–this is something that he or she acquires through living and that is the biggest problem. Ever since people were born, they were taught to see the differences, not the similarities, between people and this is very dangerous.

Recently, some racist acts against black people and immigrants are happening in the United States. People have noticed that some hate groups are manifesting themselves in defiance to people who are different than themselves.

The episode that occurred in Charlottesville featured disrespectful racist and non-tolerant acts and that might happen when the U.S. President, Donald Trump, mentions in his speech some racist phrases encouraging groups to practice racism.  Once the U.S. president speaks something that is prejudicial for certain types of people (something racist), hate groups will have their “door open” to cause much damage when  they want to because they will feel protected.

Important and influential people always make the difference, sometimes for good and sometimes for evil. There are good people trying and helping us to have less problems and less racism. People’s jobs as readers is to emphasize the good actions and use social media sites to expand this kind of positive thought. There are some historical quotes that people have heard about so many times that they do not contest them–scientific quotes and religion quotes. Many of them were written in a time when there were no equality between people, and there weren’t the same rights for everyone. It is wrong to say that the person who wrote it was racist because it was a different time with different thoughts, but should we just accept that?  Human beings have the power of doubt and the power of reason and it is so important that everyone should use these powers.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  –Martin Luther King, Jr.