BCCHS October Movie Nights in the Quad


Photo by: Julietta Zamora Lam

Xiomara Henriquez(12), Jazzmine Murrietta (10), Iris Munoz(11),and Melissa Chairez(12) enjoying Culinary Club and Animation Club’s Movie Night Activities

Gissel Garcia, Co-Arts & Entertainment Editor

Birmingham Community Charter High School (BCCHS) has been showing movies in the month of October to fundraise for their club and celebrate the Halloween Patriot spirit.

The first movie that premiered was Grease. Students had a great time in the quad of the school where the Junior Council hosted the event and sold pizza and popcorn for the students to enjoy during the movie. They also sold aguas frescas with the help of the school’s Culinary Club. The Junior Council had this idea because they were promoting the upcoming Homecoming Dance which featured the theme of Grease. The movie was played on a projector and appeared on a black inflatable movie screen which laid at the side of the quad stage, while the students sat on the grass with their blankets and pillows or had the option to sit in chairs that where set up before the event started. Although the Junior Council planned this movie event, at the same time Birmingham went up against Taft in a football game. It was surprising to see thirty plus people at the movie night. Everyone was glad to see that the Patriot spirit was everywhere that night.

left to right: Ms.Pedrani, President Martha Theo, Mrs.Urbina

Divergent Exploratory Club held a movie night premiering Devil Friday, October 13. They also hosted their movie event during a football game. That day, the 13th, is known to bring no luck, but that didn’t stop the Divergent Exploratory Club and their success with the amount of supporting students that attended the fundraiser.

“We chose to show the movie Devil,” vice president Martha Theo explained, “because Friday the 13th gives off a scary vibe that the students will be into.” They showed the movie in the MPR while selling lots of food and drinks that the club had bought for the event. The students did not need the tables put out for them, as they enjoyed laying on the floor with their blankets and pillows comforting them. The premiering of Devil was to raise money for the Divergent Exploratory Club when they take their well-known trip to Europe. This club fundraises all year long to allow the club members to travel where ever they please. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Exploratory Club finds something new and exciting to help raise funds as they did with their movie premier.

BCCHS’ own Culinary Club and Animation Club held a fiesta at the quad during our football game against El Camino Real High School with the theme of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). The Culinary Club and Animation Club both created a lot of activities for the students and/or families that came to support the event. The Animation Club sold their own hand-drawn artwork for people to color  in and they charged for face painting. The Culinary Club sold sugar skulls to paint and premiered the movie The Book of  Life. Many people arrived and were overwhelmed with all the fun activities they could do. The most-liked activity was the tug of war, that the Culinary Club and Animation Club had squared off against each other. It was all fun and games until it came time to show the movie The Book of Life. Everyone moved the party to Ms.Bedrossian’s room to watch the movie in comfort.

The Patriot spirit will never die, no matter how many events are going on at the same time.