Cinderella the Musical Comes to BCCHS


Karina Ruvalcaba

Students acting out a scene from Cinderella

Karina Ruvalcava, Creative Arts Editor

Bibbidi bobbidi boo the Birmingham Fall Musical has come to you. Find a night to take a travel into the fairytale world of Cinderella and relive your childhood as we watch BCCHS students hard work and passionately transform into characters from folklore.

The effort students put in to make sure that they don’t forget a line on stage is incredible. Probably that’s every actor’s fear, but rest assured, these actors and actresses have worked very hard in this play trying to provide us with the best show and experience.

A few changes were made in the script, but they’re witty adjustments. Changes that will make you smile, at least.

Most of the actors and actresses are glad that they are a part of Cinderella. Since it’s one of their last plays they’ll be in. Melina Valle (12) said, “I’m actually very very happy it’s Cinderella because Cinderella is one of my favorite childhood movies.” What a better way to end your high school Play-Pro experience than with one of your favorite movies?

As most students know, our school prepares two different musicals each year. The first musical is only open to Play-Pro students, while the spring musical is open to the whole school. Some students that are in Play-Pro have mentioned that, since joining, they’ve gotten more confident and feel welcomed. Some even feel like it’s one of their homes and that their Play-Pro classmates are part of their family. Some even say that being a member changes them. Karen Torres (12) explained, “Everyone has a different way to describe it. But from my perspective, it has made me bloom like a butterfly does and has made my creativity over-flood my brain.” 

For some actors, this is their third year performing; however, that doesn’t mean that they’re already used to it. The majority of the performers still get fairly anxious before opening day. The fear of how the crowd could react can sometimes impact how they perform on stage.

Most students are most worried about embarrassing themselves on stage–either by forgetting a line or by falling in the middle of an important scene. From my personal perspective, each student matched their character perfectly, and they knew how to turn themselves into that persona.